Bringing You High Speed Internet Anywhere

The introduction of fiber optics has changed the way we look at traditional internet in both urban and rural locations. Using light instead of traditional copper wire, fiber optic internet offers speeds that traditional broadband cannot compete with. When your business makes the transition to fiber optic, choose the professionals. Anderson Underground has the equipment for even your toughest projects. To learn more about how we install cable, check out our methods on the additional services page.

Exterior of Anderson Underground

Fiber Installation

Fiber installation for high speed internet


Whether you’re installing fiber in a rural or urban location, we offer FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) services that connect from the central office (CO) location to the end user. With experience in many settings, let us bring you high speed internet, no matter your location.

Fiber optic cable splicing by engineer with Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer instrument professional machine

Fiber Splicing and Testing

In any case where fiber optic cabling is being installed and splicing or testing is needed, we offer solutions from central office locations to the end user premise. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best services available.

Anderson Underground employee using fiber pulling and blowing methods to install cable

Fiber Pulling and Blowing

Cable pulling and blowing are both valuable methods used to install cable in an existing duct or conduit. For short distances, with several access points, cable is pulled using a rope or string. For longer distances between access points (up to 10,000') we employ specialized fiber blowing equipment that is run off compressed air.